Free Timecard Calculator With Breaks, Payroll Hours & Overtime

free online time card calculator

The easy-to-use app makes the entire process take just a few seconds, which is convenient for both managers and employees. If that’s what you’re looking for, we have good news – Buddy Punch can provide you with all you need from a time calculator app and more. Select Stick or Unstick to stick or unstick the help and tools panel. Selecting “Stick” will keep the panel in view while scrolling the calculator vertically.

free online time card calculator

Check Box -it is used to allow the user to specify if the weekends are to be charged at the overtime rate or not. Only make the entries in the ‘In time’ and ‘Out time’ columns. While deleting entries, delete it only from the ‘In time’, ‘Out Time’, and ‘Break Hours’ columns. Heather Landau is a staff writer at Fit Small Business, specializing in all things payroll. Throughout her career, she has worked to help hundreds of small business owners in managing many aspects of their business, from bookkeeping to accounting to HR. Before joining FSB, Heather was the Payroll/HRS Manager for a top cloud accounting firm in the industry. Heather is a staff writer and payroll specialist with several years of experience working directly with small business owners.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Work Hours Calculator?

Homebase makes managing hourly work easier for over 100,000 local businesses. Homebase works great for all hourly teams, including restaurants, retail, healthcare, home and repair, and professional services businesses. Check out our about us page, read our blog, learn more about career opportunities, visit our press page, or read more about our coronavirus data.

To not spend too many time to read for understand how this calculator it works and what possibilities it has, you can just watch a video below. Hi, how do I populate 5 people filling different timesheets? Am learning about excel formulas but can’t see how to do this change. I have a customer using a weekend period starting at friday 7pm and ending at monday 7am, which has a higher payout. I am trying myself to program such a calculation, haven’t been able to solve it yet. Your training online is helping me understand a lot how to use excel.

This free online bi-weekly time car calculator with two unpaid breaks and overtime will add up your or your employee’s time clock hours for the two weeks and calculate your gross wages. The time sheet shows overtime hours after a seven hour day, but it should not generate overtime hours until after 8 hours in a day. And, actually, overtime is not paid until one works more than 40 hours a week, even if one works 10 hours a day for four days, overtime is not paid in the USA. It can get even wilder when some people may have a work week that starts on a Thursday and ends on a Friday. That would take a lot of gymnastics to have a time sheet with that added flexibility.

Many companies pay time and a half for hours worked above a typical 40-hour work week, so that’s what this time card calculator defaults to. You’ll need to adjust this figure if your organization uses a different rate. You’ll then add the total hours worked per day to get the total hours worked per payroll period. For example, if they worked six hours a day, five days a week for two weeks, their total number of hours worked would be 60 hours for that two-week period.

How To Use The Work Hours Calculator

By entering the start and stop times, the timecard will calculate the exact amount to be paid to the employee for their work hours. The Time Card Calculator takes the data and calculates employees working hours along with the lunch breaks automatically. Enter the hours and minutes for a lunch break which are not covered time. Allow pop-up’s to be able to print – Allow it BEFORE you start entering you data, as all your time clock data will be erased when you refresh the page. Timecard Calculator online is an easy solution to help you reduce the time to calculate working hours automatically to not spending many time on do it manually.

Under the “starting time” column, enter the time you clocked in for your shift. Under the “ending time” column, enter the time you clocked out for your shift. In the next column enter in the amount of time you took as unpaid breaks. ClickTime lets you review and analyze your timesheet data in a variety of different ways. We offer nearly 100 timesheet reports that show hours worked, financial data, hourly rates, and much more.

  • When it comes to overtime, things can be a bit more complicated.
  • Then subtract any unpaid breaks they took during their workday.
  • For example, if you’re lucky enough to live in Hawaii, the minimum wage there is $10.10 an hour.
  • Under the days and weeks tab, click on the drop down that says Days per Work Week, and select 5 days/week.

Next, select the employee’s overtime rule—whether they receive overtime pay for hours worked over eight in a day or 40 in a week. If the employee is not eligible for overtime, select “Exempt.” Then add the employee’s base hourly pay rate, and select their overtime rate. Sling is a suite of tools that revolve payroll around workforce management. As a manager, you face an endless list of detail-oriented tasks. From maintaining inventory to managing multiple employees to creating and executing a marketing strategy—your day is full! Who’s got time for calculating time cards or researching the best time card calculators?

How Do Business Owners Use A Free Online Time Card Calculator?

Usually, you might clock in by writing down the time you entered the building and the time you left. By calculating your hours on a calculator, you can easily hand in your hours and be able to see exactly how much you’re working each week, rather than just getting paid. Additionally, if something doesn’t add up, you can bring it to your manager with the correct information. A free time card calculator like ours can be used by managers at various levels in all types of industries. Since there are lots of situations where employees have to log their hours to get paid, using a calculator is a huge benefit.

free online time card calculator

As you can see, a free time card calculator is a huge help for employee payroll calculations ad other financial data. Once you input the hours, add the hourly rates and overtime rates, you’ll get the results of how much you should pay each employee, e.g. for a week. It helps track the working hours and keep the employees’ papers in order. First and foremost, it’s the easiest way to calculate hours and, so on, the total pay for each employee. Knowing their pay rate, hourly employees can easily calculate their income .

Excel Timesheet Calculator Template For 2021

Over the years, technology developed and time card calculators became more advanced. Mega corporation IBM even created a time recorder division within their company to further progress in this field. Storing these records keeps you fixed assets in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act . You can either print your time card on paper, or save it as a PDF. Store a copy of your time card so that if your manager requests it, you can send a copy to them for payroll.

Free Online Timecard Calculator With Breaks And Overtime Pay Rate

Any nonexempt employee who works in excess of 40 hours per week or eight hours in a day must be paid overtime. Managers can discipline employees for not following company overtime policies. But business owners can’t deny nonexempt employees overtime pay. To export a timesheet simply click the download icon on the right of the timesheet headers. You will then be provided with the option of exporting the timesheets as a PDF or CSV . If you plan to upload the timesheet into payroll software then select download as CSV. If you’d like to print out your timesheet click the Print icon and select your printer preferences.

I wish you safe travel to Mumbai and we meet again in 2019. If OUT – IN 9, in this example, or 8.5 hrs if only a half-hour break is given.

Please share with anyone who needs to calculate time cards manually. If you ever want to stop doing manual time card calculations, please try a free trial with our online time clock.

If your state’s required minimum wage is higher than the countries requirement, you would then earn that higher amount. Depending on where you live, you could make more minimum wage than if you lived in another state. For example, if you’re lucky enough to live in Hawaii, the minimum wage there is $10.10 an hour. While you can create a time-tracking formula in a program like Excel or Sheets, some managers don’t want to go through the hassle. If you’re looking to manage your business online and let your team members calculate their hours online for free, look no further.

And if you don’t find the perfect fit among their many downloads, you can always tweak one that’s almost right. It may take more time than the online and software options we’ve listed below, but the control the do-it-yourself and template free online time card calculator options offer is unparalleled. A Time Card is a card with time clock stamps used to record the start and end times of the employee’s work day. Total your weekly timecard hours, overtime, and pay in decimal format for payroll.

If you need help using this calculator, click here for instructions. A timesheet calculator, also known as a time card calculator, is a tool that helps managers, business owners and employees by calculating the total number of hours worked for every staff member.

With Sling, you can set wages by employee or position and then see how much each shift will cost you. You can then use the integrated tools to forecast and optimize your labor costs while scheduling so that calculating time cards at the end of the pay period isn’t such a shock. Configuring the total weekly timecard or timesheet hours for payroll isn’t as complicated as it seems. Enter the starting time for each shift, then the ending time, as well as the estimated amount of break time you or your employee took during the day’s shift. Do this for each day of the week and the calculator will deliver the total number of hours worked for the entire week, making payroll that much easier.

Sign up right now to try the best employee management system there is, and transform your business with time tracking software. “Calculate”makes the calculator total all work hours and attendance entries. This will generate an accurate timesheet report to help manage your labor. Total your weekly timecard hours in decimal format for payroll. If all the Weekend hours are to be treated as overtime, select the checkbox.

The experts at will show you what you need to know about time card calculators in general, and give you the best options in each group. You can enter how much time you’ve spent on a break, which will be deducted from your total hours. Alternatively, you can specify exact time when your break started and ended. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, you want to automate as many processes as possible and keep your employees focused on work that matters. It also helps give you the data and insight you need to identify employee time theft and overcome it.

Sure, it’s more comfortable because it’s what you’re used to and change can be hard. What we really want to hammer home here is the main reason to switch to time clock software is that it will save you money. Statistics say if you have up to 10 employees, you’ll save $4,000/yearly, 25 employees saves you $10,000/yearly, and 100 employees saves $40,000/yearly. Time card calculators can be a great tool to help small business owners manage their employees’ hours. It will also allow you to determine the breakdown between regular and overtime hours. Try our time card calculator for a quicker way to accurately record work hours by calculating daily totals, weekly totals, and lunch breaks.

If unchecked, weekend hours would also be split into regular and overtime hours. Unfortunately, Clockify is more of a time tracker for project-based businesses than a fully functional time card calculator for businesses of all kinds. This is the simplest time card calculator you can build on your own. It’s not terribly involved and you only need to know the rudimentary features of Excel.

You don’t have to rely on phone calls, email, or some other third-party app to stay in touch. The Sling Shifts feature contains all the intuitive tools you’d expect from an app that’s dedicated to scheduling. Sling was built specifically with busy managers in mind, so it addresses all of the scheduling, labor, and payroll issues that you might face when managing and optimizing your workforce. It also makes available a helpful instruction document in case you’re new to dealing with time cards. TimeCard from offers a simple interface and added functionality like lunch, overtime, time off, and sick/vacation variables. Employee scheduling One smooth process from shift planning to clocking in. Time cards were first introduced during the industrial revolution as a way to more efficiently track the working hours of factory workers.

Everything gets calculated automatically and you can see all the reports on the manager dashboard. Punching in or punching out can be done by just clicking a few buttons on your phone or tablet.

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